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Assam’s trust and dreams are shattered by Gogoi : Narendra Modi

In Assam,Narendra Modi focused on the “mantra” of development for second consecutive day while doing his campaign and said that government of Tarun Gogoi had “broken the heart of the people” by failing to deliver it.

In a rally in Rangapara in Assam’s Sonitpur district,he told people that Assam is in the list of least developed states now, earlier it was among the best states in India.

“This state has given you a lot of love, Gogoi, trusted you, but you have broken their trust, broken their dreams.” said Modi.

In Assam, Bhartiya Janta Party have high hopes of a huge victory where the Congress is “seeking it the fourth term”.

Although for Bhartiya Janta Party “illegal immigration” from Bangladesh has been the main agenda for this election but Mr.Modi also focussed on the issue of governance in the state as it lies in India ,among the worst 3 states in terms of rural employement.

“15 years of governance, huge amount of money allotted for Assam. Where did the money go?” PM Modi questioned.

He also added that State government said that the Centre had not used up the funds that was allotted to them for the development of the state.

Mr.Modi further questioned and asked “Where did the money go? If you vote for them, ask where they spend the money,”

Central allocation only one third of the money have been used and the rest still lies in the account he said.

Repeating the personal dig at Chief Minister Gogoi, the Prime Minister, who turned 65 last September, said, “We are taught to respect elders. You’ll soon turn 90. Why would I fight with you? You should probably bless me and not talk about fights.” Mr Gogoi will be 80 years old in April.

In Assam, out of 126 member Assembly,91 seats have been contested by Bhartiya Janta Party.24 seats have been by the party to its ally Asom Gana Parishad.For seats that are remaining seats 2 small parties and Bodoland People’s Front will be contesting.

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