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Tarun Gogoi Attacks Badaruddin Ajmal For Being Close To BJP

Tarun Gogoi Attacks Badaruddin Ajmal For Being Close To BJP

Badruddin Ajmal of The All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) is hand-in-glove with the BJP trying to ensure a victory for the BJP in the upcoming Assembly polls in Assam by splitting the Congress votes through polarization said by the Tarun Gogoi.

This remark was made after All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) said that Out of 126 polls they’ll contest for 60 seats and leave the rest to other parties to stop the BJP from coming into power in Assam.

Ajmal was accused by Gogoi said that Ajmal is with BJP by being hand in glove, deciding to field candidates where the party has less chance of winning.

To defeat the Congress candidates in Assam elections, AIUDF has decided to contest in 60 seats, has entered into an understanding with BJP in order to split the Congress votes in order to ensure the victory.

“By deciding to field candidates in 60 constituencies where they have no chances of winning, AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal has entered into a political game plan with the BJP, like they did in the last parliamentary elections to defeat the Congress candidates ”. Tarun Gogoi said

People would see through their game plan in order to relegate their ideological differences to the backburner said by Gogoi.

Hindutva agenda of the RSS propagated by BJP in order to unite the Muslims and to consolidate the minority votes AIUDF is uniting for Muslims.

BJP and AIUDF are the two sides of the same coin, in order to polarize the electorate on religious lines both the parties have the same kind of strategy said by Gogoi.

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To fight the polls alone, Congress is ready and well poised reiterated by Gogoi.

“The party was going to contest 60 seats, and the rest 66 seats, we are leaving to secular and other like-minded parties to stop the BJP in Assam”. said by Aminul Islam, AIUDF organizational secretary.


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