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BJP sets stage for 2019 after Assam win, says PM

BJP sets stage for 2019 after Assam win, says PM

In Assam, BJP has set up its first government in the north east and in Kerala too have made significant gains where the first legislator was elected. Explaining and declaring “ a strong foundation has been laid for a building by 2019”

“The polls have made it clear that the BJP’s ideology is being accepted, appreciated and supported by more and more people in the country. It is great for democracy,” Modi said.

In Assam, Congress lost, where it was in power for 15 years and the same thing happened for other states. In Kerala, Congress was dethroned by the CPM-led LDF, and its alliances with the Left , in West Bengal it lost to TMC. In Tamil Nadu, DMK lost to AIADMK .

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In Assam, the success and increase in support in Kerala, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, along with the poor performance of rival Congress, had the BJP in total bliss.

Narendra Modi said at the party headquarters in New Delhi to the workers of the party that the results are very encouraging for the BJP and NDA.

Amit Shah, Party president, in 2014 had requested party workers to capture power “from J&K to Kerala and Gujarat to Nagaland”, said that

“The country has taken two more steps towards a Congress-mukt Bharat. In all these places, BJP had never been able to put up a good performance. This time a solid foundation has been laid for a building by 2019.”said Amit Shah.

Assam’s win for BJP, Sarbananda Sonowal, Union Minister is supposed to head its first government in Assam and for north- east will open the doors.

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A leader of BJP said that for BJP among all the states, except Tripura and Meghalaya others are favorable.

Congress had lost in many states and further adding that as per the direction given by Narendra Modi that the two union ministers every month should visit each state. He also added that in the states for the Modi and the party there is “goodwill” in the state.

Ram Madhav, BJP general secretary, Assam, said that in the country Congress is not accepted everywhere and Congress should infer lessons from this.

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Congress is still not accepted by the people . He added that they have given a call for Congress-mukt Bharat and it looks that people are taking it seriously.

In Guwahati, Himanta Biswa Sarma, once a rising Congress star who crossed over to the BJP last year, told The Indian Express: “It will be Sonowal’s government but we want Prime Minister Modi and the party president to remain engaged with Assam till we stand up on our own feet. We need active support from the Centre.”

He further added that except for the Muslim majority areas, everywhere they have done well and even hills that are not known for their support of BJP . BJP won 4 of 5 seats there and even have 1 Muslim MLA.

In West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, BJP is the return of the Trinamool Congress and AIADMK . BJP considers , both Banerjee and Jayalalithaa as “friendly”.

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In Rajya Sabha , their return will impact numbers where the BJP lacks support to push through its legislative agenda. As soon as results came Modi was among the first to congratulate Banerjee and Jayalalithaa.

Banerjee has already announced her support to the BJP’s key reform legislation. “We have ideological differences with the BJP but we will always lend support on issues that are beneficial to people. We will support GST,” she said in Kolkata. Although Tamil Nadu has reservations on GST, the AIADMK has been supportive of the BJP at crucial times in Parliament.

Amit Shah said that for the work of government for 2 years public had approved it in a way , the positive politics had won and its the beginning of politics of performance. A lesson is given to the people who have practiced negative politics and tried to hinder the development by hampering Parliament.

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