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Congress wants Rahul to take over Congress amid election collapse

Congress had big defeats in Kerala and Assam and now Congress only retains power in one state i.e. Karnataka.

None of the party’s chief Sonia nor Rahul Gandhi, were seen tweeting “We accept the verdict of people with humility”.

Congress leaders “formed a verbal human chain around the Gandhis” , emphasizing that results cannot be seen as a failure of their leadership.

“All state elections are not a referendum on national leadership, there are local issues involved,” said Shashi Tharoor.

It was demanded by the Congressmen on the occasion that Rahul Gandhi must be promoted and become the President.

“The process of his elevation cannot be stopped, he will be president” said Congress leader PC Chacko.

Tarun Gogoi governed Assam for 15 years, Gogoi is one of the most strongest leader and has chosen BJP. In the north east, government marks the first for BJP.

Kerala’s loss between the Congress-led association and the Left Front, may have been expected ; but the level of the defeat and several Congress ministers losing their constituencies, somewhat breaks the mould in Kerala.

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In Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, alliance that were formed because of desperation to win by the Congress. Congress alliance with the Left in Bengal, whom it fought against in Kerala, was rebuffed.

In Tamil Nadu, the association with the DMK failed to dethrone Jayalalithaa as Chief Minister, even though the state has a 32-year-record in not re-electing a government for a successive term.

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Congress in 2014 did not name Rahul Gandhi as prime ministerial candidate, but Rahul Gandhi led the campaign that gave Congress poorest-ever national result of 44 Lok Sabha seats.

Apart from little bit role in the alliance, in which Bihar had won last year, Congress has been an electoral wreck.

Congress win in Puducherry with the DMK apart, which each election seems to show that Congress, India’s oldest party is no longer a contender even as the lead opposition player. Instead, Congress will be up to arrangement of leaders like Mamata Banerjee, Jayalalithaa and Nitish Kumar to combat BJP for the next national election in 2019.

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