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Election Commission announced poll dates today

Election Commission announced poll dates

For upcoming assembly elections today the schedule has been announced by The Election Commission in Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Kerala.

During a press conference Nasim Zaidi chief election commissioner, said that 824 assembly constituencies in the 5 states elections will be held. May 19 is the date of count for the 5 states.

Election commissioners like Om Prakash Rawat and AK Joti were also there along with him.

In April and May,these 5 assemblies term will be ended.

Immediate effect will be directly enforced upon by The Model Code of Conduct. Any new programmes or any new schemes that can influence the voters will not be able to be announced by the Centre and poll-bound states of the governments.

15:36 (IST) May 19 is the counting day for 5 states.

15:36 (IST) Phase-1: Puducherry polling on May 16.

Voters: 9, 27,000
Constituencies: 30
Polling booth: 913

15:36 (IST): Phase-1: Tamil Nadu polling on May 16.

Voters: 5.8 crore
Constituencies: 234
Polling booths: 65616

15:35 (IST): Phase-1: Kerala polling on May 16.

Voters: 2.56 crore
Constituencies: 140
Polling booths: 21498

15:37 (IST): West Bengal elections to be held in 6 phases.

Voters: 6.55 crore
Constituencies: 294
Polling booths: 77247

Phase 1: Apr 4 -18 seats, Apr 11 -31 seats
Phase 2: Apr 17 – 56 seats
Phase 3: Apr 21 – 62 seats
Phase 4: Apr 25 – 49 seats
Phase 5: Apr 30 – 53 seats
Phase 6: May 5- 25 seats

15:25 (IST): Assam elections will be in 2 phases.

Phase 1: 65 seats, Apr 4

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Phase 2: 61 seats, Apr 12

Voters: 1.98 crore
Constituencies: 126
Polling booths: 25000

15:20 (IST): Central Police Forces will be monitoring all polling locations in Assam and West Bengal.

15:19 (IST): NOTA’s symbol in Assembly Elections, in place of the word.

15:17 (IST): In all stations, Special polling booths for visually challenged and for leprosy affected, Ramps for disabled will be arranged.

15:15 (IST): 7 basic facilities will be taken care at all polling stations which includes setting up of Women polling stations said by Election Commission.

15:10 (IST): Total number of voters in the states:

Puducherry: 9.27 lakhs
Tamil Nadu: 5.8 crore
Kerala: 2.56 crore
West Bengal: 6.55 crore
Assam: 1.98 crore

15:05 (IST): Seek cooperation from all for adherence to and enforcement of Model Code of Conduct.

15:02 (IST): ECI is committed to strict enforcement of Model Code of Conduct by all stakeholders for fair and free elections.

15:00 (IST): Model Code of Conduct into effect with immediate effect.


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