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How Bodoland Is The Key In Assam Elections- (Part1)

How Bodoland Is The Key In Assam Elections

For 2016, Assam Assembly elections BJP has found its first ally in BPF (Bodoland People’s Front) in BTAD (Bodoland Territorial Area Districts) consisting Baksa, Kokrajhar, Udalguri and Kajolgaon districts.

On January 19, to Kokrajhar,BTC’s Capital (Bodoland Territorial Council) which is one of the most backward districts, Modi flew down. With backwardness in economy and militancy, these districts have been tortured for decades.

4 years ago Bodoland Territorial Area Districts was in limelight for wrong reasons due to the communal riot which broke in between Bengali-speaking Muslims and the Bodos,more than 100 people were killed and at least 500,00 went homeless.

More than 70 Adivasis, were killed by Bodo rebels in December 2014. Bodoland Territorial Area Districts is more important for Bhartiya Janta Party .out of 126 seats, 16 seats fall in these districts. In the last election Bodoland People’s Front out of 16 seats had won 12 seats. In the state, 30 more Assembly seats had been influenced by Bodos.

Traditionally ‘Inroads through alliances ‘with the national parties have been made with Bodoland People’s Front. Bodoland People’s Front was in alliance in the last Assembly election.

The newly-formed United Progressive Party’ is supported by All Bodo Student Union (Absu) has a new player. In Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) there is a good hold over people by student’s body. In the early 1980s, for identity protection and for the cause of Bodo,it was the first organization which raised its voice.

The issue of Bodoland statehood, a demand made by the Absu’ was avoided by Mr Modi during his speech; he only talked about the development. Hagrama Mohiliary and All Bodo Student Union, chief executive member of Bodoland Territorial Council, on this issue are not on same page.

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Considering Mohiliary’s sour relations with the Absu’ with alliance of Bodoland People’s Front with Bhartiya Janta Party local cadres were not in favor. However, Mohiliary somehow managed to bring ‘one-time colleague’ Rabiram Narzary,chief Bodo People’s Progressive Front, in 2005 he formed his own party.

On January 17, Narzary announced his merger with Bodo People’s Progressive Front. ‘The BPF also recently floated a platform, the United People’s Front, to unite the Bodos living outside the BTC.’ This will help votes of the Tribes outside the area of Bodo that will help the party to win.


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