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In Assam, people are not happy with Tarun Gogoi : BJP

In Assam, Bhartiya Janta Party is quite confident about coming to power and forming government with its alliance.

“There is ‘clear anger’ against 15 years of Tarun Gogoi’s rule.” said by BJP

In Shillong, Nalin Kohli spokesperson of Bhartiya Janta Party told the reporters that they are hoping that Bhartiya Janta Party will be choosen to office and the government will be formed in alliance.

In Assam , the mood is quite favorable . Against 15 years of Tarun Gogoi’s rule and  against 10 years of Manmohan Singh of having prime minister from Assam.

In Assam , for 10 years  minimum , the state  and the centre  Congress government had worked together,there is still lack of development and there is no execuse for them.

The share of vote  substantially has increased for Bhartiya Janta Party said by Nalin Kohli.Formation of government “ is a clear agenda.” whenever the elections are contested.  Himanta Biswa Sarma (former minister in the Gogoi Cabinet) and  chief ministerial candidate people has joined the party and also people from other parties are joining,which is a very good indication.

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