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No party can form government without our support: Ajmal

No party can form government without our support: Ajmal

Family business of perfumes that range more than Rs 2000 crores , Ajmal is also known as the “Perfume King”.He is “pitching himself as kingmaker” for the upcoming elections in Assam.

“I won’t say how many seats we will win but nobody will form the government without us,” Mr Ajmal told NDTV.

AIUDF (All India United Democratic Front) is Ajmal’s party which holds the highest Muslim following in Assam,which makes up 34 per cent of Assam’s population and is only 10 year old.

Muslims are the main important and determining factor of 40 seats, from the total of 126 seats and his party had won 18 in total in the 2011 assembly polls.

All India United Democratic Front’s performance has been repeated and in Assam “a split verdict” can make him a key player in deciding who is forming the next government.

In the state with the Congress ‘A Bihar-like Grand Alliance‘ has been suggested by Badruddin Ajmal,But the question arises that post poll alliance with the Congress is possible.

After the election, our core committee will decide. I can’t take decision on my own,” says the perfume baron,Congress said that they will not require him for the post-poll, Congress faces “a 15-year-old anti-incumbency.”

“He has always maintained that he would be kingmaker but we have formed the government on our own. This time too, the situation wouldn’t arise,” Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi told NDTV.

In Assam, Bhartiya Janta Party is emerging as major player, Campaigns that can “polarize” Hindus and Muslims are avoided by Congress, Bhartiya Janta Party will be given an advantage because of this as said by the strategists from Congress.

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Any understanding with Badruddin Ajmal won’t be allowed in the politics if they ‘fall short’ with the majority of 64 seats said by Bhartiya Janta Party .

“Absolutely no question whatsoever of going with Ajmal. Water and oil never mix together,” asserts Siddharth Bhattacharya, the former BJP chief in Assam, who will contest from the prestigious East Guwahati seat.

Parties should think on their strategies if poll surveys are right that Assam may have a hung assembly.


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