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CPM-Congress Alliance Is a Necessity in Bengal: Somnath Chatterjee

CPM-Congress Alliance Is a Necessity in Bengal: Somnath Chatterjee

Former Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Somnath Chatterjee, said that the Alliance between Congress and Left was not ‘political option but a necessity’.

“In the present political context, it is extremely essential for all opposition forces to come together in bringing about a change in the government and in restoring a civilized democratic administration in West Bengal.”added by the former veteran communist leader, and describes his status as ‘political non entity’ and an observer who is independent.

He further added that ‘why not rope in the Congress in this effort?’.Now the question is ‘should’ the question doesn’t remain anymore of ‘May’.In Bengal,Left and Congress and all the other forces of democracy must come together in order to prevent it from being destroyed completely.

According to Somnath,who was invited by Sitaram Yechury to join again the CPI (M). Bengal’s Identity will change and get deformed if five more years the present situation continues. At any cost this should be stopped.

Yechury’s invitation was appreciated by Chatterjee but he refused as he thinks he is too old to be an active member in politics any more. The alliance will not happen because of objections at the CPM central committee, which was scheduled in New Delhi on February 16 and 17 despite getting such overwhelming response which favored the alliance with Congress.

With the Congress, from the party a majority had wanted an alliance to be forged in the CPM state secretariat excluding a couple of leaders. Simultaneously the state assembly elections in Kerala will be held with West Bengal and where UDF and LDF will be very strongly opposing against each other of ‘in the backdrop of emerging’Bhartiya Janta Party .On the central committee level, the alliance will get buried.

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Chatterjee ‘a die-hard fan’ of Jyoti Basu former CM had accepted him as his ‘Life-Guru’ Despite belonging 2 different ideologies of politics Indira Gandhi and Basu had healthy and strategic relationship.

“They were of different stature. Jyoti Basu, in particular, gave political advice to a host of leaders from different shades who often flocked to him,” said Mr.Chatterjee.

‘People’s will’ was respected by Basu and people will always have ‘last word’ he said.

“Today, even if a fraction of that Jyoti Basu brand of politics would have given a different political environment.”Mr Chatterjee added. In today’s political world not even a fraction of Basu is left.

According to Chatterjee, when asked about the discussion on the issue with Yechuri.He replied that no discussion was there between Yechuri and Chatterjee as Chatterjee is no more into politics.

He further added that in Santiniketan,some time back Yechuri came to meet him ,they had lunch together and many things were discussed.


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