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BJP may raise tea issue in upcoming Bengal elections

In the upcoming elections in West Bengal, Bharitya Janta Party finds belt of Tea Garden as potential ground to make its presence felt in elections.BJP is trying to utilize tea issues in order to strengthen other entities in its own favor with zero presence in its own tea belt.

Industry Nirmala Sitharaman and Minister of State for Commerce had met a representative of BJP to discuss issues related to many ongoing tea gardens and over the subsidized food grain distribution system as an administrative knot has been developed.

“The representation includes members from trade Unions affiliated to Akhil Bharatiya Adivasi Vikash Parishad or Gorkha Janamukti Morcha. We are also carrying the demands raised by INTUC or CITU too,” said BJP state Secretary Rathin Bose.

According to Saman Pathak, district Secretary CITU Darjeeling refused of having any discussion with Bhartiya Janta Party and said that they will appreciate if Bhartiya Janta Party will bring anything which is positive for the demands of the benefits of the workers which they have raised.

Out of total 294 seats, Bhartiya Janta Party had 289 in 2011 bengal elections.BJP failed to do anything because it had just 4% of votes statewide.However in 2014 parliament election BJP had 17% of total vote share and out of 42 seats in state it won 2 seats.

“But BJP could not maintain the positive swing in ground level support”. Said political observers.

They also added that in next assembly elections chance of getting seats is also depreciating because of the fermenting alliance between Congress and LF to prevent the votes sharing of Trinamool Congress as expected. To make it presence felt, Bhartiya Janta Party will need to strengthen among the other small entities.

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In the Northern part of the state minimum 20 constituencies are very much dependent on the voters from the tea gardens.For BJP’s net gain utilizing issues of tea garden can help up in gaining more share of votes even if Bhartiya Janta Party cannot win there.


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