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PM Modi slams TMC For Narada Sting Case in Public

PM Modi slams TMC For Narada Sting Case in Public

In Bengal,Narada Sting Issue was pushed by Narendra Modi into the Center stage when Congress and Left were trying very hard to do it.

Narendra Modi said in his first ever Rally in West Bengal that in front of the camera,people are taking in the money (bribe).It is now Narada,earlier it was Saradha,in the camera front,” whole leadership is there ”. ” Was this the parivartan (change) you wanted?

He was referring to the “news portal” that covered the sting operation,Narada which showed that TMC top leaders were accepting cash as “bribe for favour”.

In Saradha case,Mamata Banerjee had been taunted by Narendra Modi just before the 2014 elections , Narendra Modi said that Saradha group had bought Mamata Banerjee painting which cost for over Rs 1 crore and also in the case of Saradha scam,warned those who were involved.

“Mamata Banerjee has reacted saying she would tie a rope round PM Modi’s waist and put him behind bars.”

In the last 4 years, Saradha investigation has been very slow and the allegation of the opposition that between Narendra Modi and Mamata Banerjee an understanding has been reached.In the Rajya Sabha, “Go slow on Saradha in return for Trinamool support to the government”

“It’s all got up” in case of Saradha no action was taken and TMC was attacked by Mr.Modi in 2014 after the “stinging attack” on Mamata Banerjee said by Ritanrata Banerjee, CPM lawmaker .

Mamata Banerjee did commented anything in reply as she was in Purulia, campaigning. However,Mamata Banerjee coined new term ”Congred” punning on “Comrade” and “ slammed ” the alliance of Congress and Left. She further added that in Bengal,Bhartiya Janta Party have no presence.

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