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Yes to alliance with Congress by CPM in Bengal?

Yes to alliance with Congress by CPM in Bengal?

In West Bengal, for the upcoming assembly elections CPM’s Bengal unit said yes to the possibility of going into an alliance with the Congress.

In Kolkata, In State Secretariat after meeting of seven hours, 50 members out of 54 members who attended the meeting said that CPM should not make another blunder by not bowing to people’s will of forming alliance.

“Historic blunder” phrase was used by Jyoti Basu, Former chief minister in 1996 to describe the CPM’s decision to not allow him to be prime minister.

However, the final call depends after the two day meeting in Delhi on Feb 17, majorly will be dependent on the Central Committee, CPM’s top decision making body and on Congress which has to propose the alliance.

Bengal Left front said that Congress will have to make the first move because they are ready to make first move.

In Delhi, On February 1 many of Congress leaders, who want an alliance, met Rahul Gandhi party vice president on this issue and Sonia Gandhi, party chief. An alliance was on the cards but since there having been no public signals given by the Congress, claimed by the Senior Leaders.

On this issue, CPM has deep divisions. Prakash Karat Former general secretary and Manik Sarkar CPM’s only chief minister of Tripura are known to be against the idea.

However it seems that the day was won by Bengal lobby. Sitaram Yechury , General secretary the idea of alliance was not opposed by him. Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, Former Bengal chief minister said that if the Trinamool is to be removed then like-minded parties should unite.

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Mamata Banerjee, Trinamool leader declared the move for such an unprincipled alliance.

“The CPM that used to call Rajiv Gandhi Bofors Gandhi and Indira Gandhi a cruel woman, that CPM is now saying come, hold my hand. It is wrong. They are sacrificing principles without which you are nothing,” she said

Mamata Banerjee, who has held hands with the Congress in the past and now holding hands BJP.have requently changed her alliances and as no right to lecture on principles.


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