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In Kerala Polls, Mascot to be a 100 year old woman

In Kerala Polls, Mascot to be a 100 year old woman

For the May 16 Assembly elections, a 100 year old woman will be the poll mascot of Kannur, a district of Kerala.

Although many elctions had come and gone in her life but entenarian Thressiamma Chacko, a native of Kolakkad in Kannur, was not very interested in casting her vote.

But for the very first time , when she expressed to cast her vote in the upcoming polls, the adminstartion of teh district came up offering there support to her and present her to be the mascot of the poll in order to attract the voters to cast there votes.

In Kolakkad, Thressiamma, had applied for voter id card at Akshaya centre, a project focusing on the various facts of e-learning and e-governance.

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P Bala Kiran, District Collector himself had arrived at her residence and gave her the voter id card.

“She is very active even at this age and really enthusiastic to exercise her franchise. She will be an inspiration to all voters to exercise their franchise in the upcoming polls,” said Bala Kiran

Some lessons were given to the woman in order learn how to use the voting machine.

Woman said that she was too busy to cast her vote when she was young, as she was struggling to “meet both the ends of the family”.

In a regional school, she will cast her vote in a polling booth, which is near her house said by the family sources.

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