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Kerala CM Oommen Chandy claims first round of poll win

Kerala CM Oommen Chandy claims first round of poll win

In Kerala , for the first round of the Assembly polls with CPI (M), Congress feels it has already won “being ‘forced’ to accept its liquor policy as it fears a ‘backlash’ “.

Sitaram Yechury, General Secretary CPI (M) said that if LDF comes to power, on the policy of liquor , the decision is already been taken and there is no reversal.

In the state , For the Marxist party, it was a major setback said Oommen Chandy , Chief Minister of Kerala.

The controversy over the liquid policy because Pinarayi Vijayan , CPI (M) politburo member said that Marxist was not in favor of total prohibition but “abstinence”.

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Sitaram Yechury said that if they are voted to power , the decision taken by the government will not be reversed.

Asked about CPI (M)’s clarification, Chandy said: “I am happy that a situation has come that they (CPI-M) have to support UDF’s stand. If it is sincere, I welcome it. But it is a strong setback to the CPI (M) state leadership. It is a big victory for our policy”, he told PTI in an interview at Cliff House, his official residence here.

In the elections , due to the fear of “backlash” had forced LDF which is led by CPI (M) to change its liquor policy that has been changed .

In order to attack government, CPI (M) had joined hands with a section of the liquor lobby and had planned “ most cruel tactics, referring to the recent sexual abuse charge by solar scam accused Saritha S Nair against him.” In order to reduce the consumption of liquor and total prohibition in the upcoming 10 years , UDF’s policy is very practical.

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730 bars have been closed as the part of the policy and every year the Beverage corporations of the state are to be closed down.

“I feel it is not practical to implement total prohibition at one stretch. It is not the revenue loss which is important. I am not considering revenue from sales of liquor as an income of the government”.

Rs 7,000 crore revenue from the liquor sales had been earned by government of Kerala. Due to liquor consumption , the damage caused to the social sector are 3 to 4 times more than revenue earned.

Liquor consumption loss that has been caused is beyond the estimates of the social sector.Spurious liquor availability  is an issue.To bring the addicts to normal life, it will take enough time.We need campaigns for awareness.

On the criminal defamation case he had filed against Saritha, Chandy said it was not an ordinary allegation she had levelled against him. “A forged document is involved in it, unlike earlier allegations”.

Chandy said that for Congress it was a “big victory” because they were forced to accept the policy of UDF which was opposed very strongly.

He added that In the social sector,there aim is to bring prosperity and welfare.

Over the candidates  selection confusion, will it be impacting the outcomes of the polls, he further added all those issues had been sorted out by the discussions on the mutual basis.

UDF and Congress are moving together. To satisfy everyone is not possible.Maximum efforts are given,though there are some limitations too.

The oppositions had been able to prove anything, any charges or shown any evidence so far in order to substantiate the allegations he added when he was asked about the renominating the ministers who are facing the charges on corruption and will be impacted by the outcome of the poll.

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UDF’s repeated victory in 3- by elections and polls of the lok sabha are the proof, he said.

For 50 years, that he has been in the public domain, he said that even if there is 1 per cent of the truth in the charges, he was not be fit in the public life.

On women and youth not being given fair opportunity in candidate selection, he said Congress is a party which has several leaders. “Not only that, in each constituency there are five leaders who have the full support of the people. However only one person can be selected as candidate.”

Like the Congress, they had to search the candidates that are outside there party as Like Congress, they do not have enough members . On various constituencies, the Marxist party had to take on independence.

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