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LDF and UDF Agreement in Kerala says Modi

LDF and UDF Agreement in Kerala says Modi

According to Modi there is a compromise and agreement in between LDF and UDF and so far has ruled Kerala and whose “educated electorate have been insulted by the two sides.”

“A new model of politics has come up in Kerala. It is an adjustment politics, politics of compromise, politics of corruption and politics of contract to save each other . It is a contract rule between UDF and LDF. For five years you rule and for another five years we will rule”, Narendra Modi said at an election meeting in Kerala.

He further said that in the state the 2 parties have been returning to the power, attacking the 2 parties in the state.

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In Kerala, on May 16 assembly polls, Modi attacked the alliance between Congress and  CPI(M) in West Bengal. He said that in Kerala, these two parties are “insulting” the educated people and must understand the “adjustment politics” of 2 parties.

He said that CPI(M) is “politics of violence” and added that few years ago, Chief Ministerial candidate of the Marxist party led Left Democratic Front’s was accused in murder of a BJP worker at Thalassery.

“Congress leaders in Kerala talk about the violence unleashed by CPI(M) cadres in the state, but when they go to West Bengal, they say only Communists can save West Bengal”, he said.

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He further added that he wants to raise question to the educated people of the state, do they have faith in parties like these who speak “ two languages at one time”.

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Narendra Modi said that in Kerala, the question is not about who wants to form government in the state but who will save Kerala by providing the jobs to the youth of Kerala and help in securing their future.

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