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LDF manifesto promises more jobs in Kerala

LDF manifesto promises more jobs in Kerala

Under the “people’s planning” second edition the development process is to be decentralized , in 5 years 25 lakhs jobs and the moving of the funds from development agencies for infrastructure are among the major highlights election manifesto of the CPM-led Left Democratic Front in Kerala.

In Kerala, Vaikkom Vishwan, LDF convener, unveiled the manifesto and is quiet about opening the liquor bars. Sitaram Yechury, CPM general secretary said that had said the existing liquor policy would not be rolled down, the manifesto speaks of “temperance”

“It says that an awareness programme, modeled on the literacy drive, would be launched for promoting temperance.”

In 1996, People’s planning is an initiative which was launched by the LDF government, which works on decentralizing the planning process and implantation and handed it over to village panchayats and other local self governing bodies. In each panchayat, activities of development are to be taken by the body of government.

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The next phase of people’s planning, the manifesto promises that it will cover urban waste management, water conservation and organic farming. The rural job guarantee scheme is linked to people’s planning.

Progressive financial” policy says the manifesto of LDF will take up with the big amounts of loan taken for development of projects of infrastructure from special development agencies.

“The existing doubled railway line, another two-line, a high-speed corridor will be set up as a joint venture with Indian Railways” it says.

Formation of Kerala’s own state bank after formation series of cooperative banks is also promised by LDF. In 50,000 hectares, Organic farming of vegetables will be extended and to international standards,1,000 government schools will be upgraded.

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The manifesto further says that with one meal assured, it promises a state which is hunger free, among the other measures of welfare. Association of hotels will also be launched.

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