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TMC announced candidates for 70 constituencies in Kerala

TMC announced candidates for 70 constituencies in Kerala

In Kerala ,Trinamool have announced 70 Assembly constituencies for its candidates just after the day when Mamata Banerjee,Cheif Minister of West Bengal when she said that she will visit southern state in order to expose the “unholy”  alliance between CPI(M) and Congress.

Manoj Sankaranellur, state president of TMC Kerala released a list at a press conference and said that in the state  140 Assembly constituencies,candidates will field those constituencies and with the approval of Party Chief Mamata Banerjee,the second list will be released soon.

In Thiruvananthapuram,in April , she will attend 3 election rallies of the party in Kozikode and Kochi.

Manoj Sankaranellur said that in Kerala, it is claiming that it has 2 lakh members and in the state it is looking for the support of more votes i.e, the support of the 15 lakh Bengalis who are working currently in the state.

For more than 40 seats in Assembly, TMC can influence elections results.

He,however,said the party would not be able to win a seat in the state.”We will emerge as a strong force after five years,” he said.

Subhash Kundannoor,party’s trade union wing, State President  said that in Kerala many leaders of Congress are not happy with the alliance in Bengal,and will join soon to fight such an  “unholy nexus“.

Sobhana George former,MLA Chengannur  said that he will be joining Trinamool in order to expose Congress and CPI(M) and “are trying to fool the people” of Kerala.

In Kolkata, Mamata Banerjee said that she will soon be visiting Kerala in order to inform people that how these two parties are trying to fool them.

“We want to tell people of Kerala how Congress and CPI(M) are trying to fool them. If they are having an alliance, then they should have it everywhere in the country,” she had said.

She charged Congress with having “sold their flag and themselves” to the CPI(M).

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The ideology of Subhas Chandra Bose or  be it Gandhian,they have forgotten their ideologies.Only the ideology of “self-interest” is working now,while releasing the manifesto for TMC in for the Assembly election.

Mamata Banerjee further added that transparency is a very big thing in the politics and they do not have any kind of transparency and unholy alliance have been formed.


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