Government and Politics of Kerala

India is parliamentary democracy and federation. Central and state governments representatives are appointed through free and fair polls conducted. Kerala has a single house of legislature. Kerala’s government has 3 functions of legislature, executive and judiciary. The judiciary is legislature free and executive , made up of a hierarchy of lower courts, tribunals and the High Court at Trivandrum.

Chief Justice of Kerala is the highest official who administers the oath while swearing in governor. Besides the Chief Justice, 26 permanent and 2 additional justices or pro tempore judges hold their offices in the High Court.  Kerala’s legislative assembly consists of the people’s representatives, i.e. members who have been elected to the post of MLA.

Political parties represent the political ideologies and interests of a section of the citizens. The multi party system ensures that all have adequate representation in the legislature.

Among these MLA s, the chief of the majority party or alliance is invited by the Governor, the de jure head of the state to form an executive council. The executive powers of the state are vested in the Governor by the President of the nation. However the de facto head of the state is the Chief Minister, meaning that these executive functions though carried out in the name of the Governor are in fact carried out by the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers.

Once the Chief Minister is appointed, he chooses Council of Ministers and assigns them various ministries to distribute various functions . The Governor appoints these Ministers and they are assigned their individual tasks. The State’s executive is answerable to the state legislature in matters of executive functions. To carry out functions of various local self governance, Panchyats and municipal councils exist , the members are appointed through polls.

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