Kerala Culture

Culture is the art of living

Kerala is situated in South India and origin dates from very early 10th century. For the origin of the state there are legends that Parasurama, an Avatar of Mahavishnu during the war threw his Axe into the sea and as a result Kerala was retrieved from the water. There are two geological reasons for the origin of state, the first reason is the earth’s vibration and the second one is the crust that has resulted in coming up of the state.

The culture can be expressed as :


One of the reason of the formation of the state is the sedimentation of the rivers in South India. During the Neothilic times, early inhabitants of Kerala were mainly the Negritos, who had good knowledge of Ayurvedic medicines and very well versed in explaining the Natural phenomenon. Followed by the Negritos came the Proto- Australoids who takes the pride of cultivation of rice and vegetables. Dravidians came by 700 BC, who are considered to be the ancestors of recent Malayalis from the Mediterranean region.


The state is gifted with wide spread of natural beauty and people are considered as the Keralities. Among the people, the ethnic history have lot of disagreements. People are classified into various ethnic groups and religions. The earliest group of people were Negritos, who were dark skinned and they were mostly tribes like Kadar, Kanikkar, Malapandarams,Mutuvans, Ullatans, Uralis, Paniyas and etc.


Kerala has varied culture heritage which includes the arts, cuisines and dance forms. By people of different races, one can study the culture of people of Kerala, which has been contributed by different people of different races. Malayalis culture is also said to be culture of the whole country. Malayalis culture is said to be deep rooted because it is connected to its unity, continuity and universality of the Malaylis.


Kerala is also known as “god’s own country” and has a wonderful tradition in the history of Malaylis with a lot of ethnic values and cultures. Apart from Hinduism, Christianity and Muslims there are also other religions like Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Judaism in small proportions. Onam and Vishu are the traditional festivals that are celebrated with great pomp.

Arts and Crafts

Kerala is known for Ayurveda and related medicines. Ayurveda is a unique branch of medicine, a complete naturalistic system that depends on the diagnosis of body’s humours, vata, pitta and kapha in order to achieve the right balance. Kerala is also known as the Land of Ayurveda. Kerala is also known known for handcrafted items such as Rosewood and Sandalwood.


The cuisine of Kerala has a rich variety of history, geography, demography and culture of the land. Kerala’s cuisine have both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes by using fish, poultry and red meat.

In Kerala, Coconuts grow in abundance so therefore Coconut Cream, Coconut Kernel and Coconut Milk is widely used for flavoring and thickening of the food.


Kerala has good climatic conditions for agriculture, Kerala is top in agriculture and activities like cultivation of plantation crops like Tea, Coffee, Rubber,Coconut and Cardamom etc. Major part of the Kerala’s economy comes from agriculture. A lot of animal husbandry is involved by the farm community. Kerala is major exporter of spices. Major fishing industries are influenced by the people’s commercial and cultural life.

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