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AAP investigations on Suhca Singh Chhotepur and Vijay Chauhan halted

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The separate inquiries that were ordered against Sucha Singh Chhotepur and Vijay Chauhan had to be halted by the Party since they were leading nowhere. In a sting operation, Sucha Singh was shown accepting money from a party volunteer whereas Vijay Chauhan, who is the Delhi observer of the Aam Admi Party in Barnala was accused of sexually exploiting a woman.

Head of the disciplinary committee, Jasbir Singh Bir decided to shelve the cases as they reached a dead-end. He also tried to justifiy his decision by stating that Sucha Singh Chhotepur is no longer a member of the party so there is no point in continuing with the investigations.

He further added that the investigations in the case of Vijay Chauhan came to a standstill since the investigative team couldn’t get in touch with the woman who was allegedly exploited by the Delhi observer. He said “We could not trace the woman as she had left Barnala”. Even the police wasn’t able to trace the woman hence the investigations cannot be taken any further.

The Party evicted Chhotepur as the state Convener in August soon after the sting operation that showed him accepting money from a party volunteer and did not provide any receipt for the same. The party took action on the basis of the that clip however it was not made pubic.

Bir, who was in charge of the inquiry back then took the decision to remove Chhotepur and stated that his action was completely based on the video clip presented to him. The party also asked him to cooperate with the proceedings but he did not reciprocate well. He denied all the allegation against him stating that there is no such video and its a ploy used by the party to oust him from AAP. He also floated a new party last week soon after quitting the Aam Admi Party.

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As far as Vijay Chauhan’s case is concerned, a number of AAP volunteers from Barnala came forward against the him and alleged him to have committed the heinous crime and trying hush the matter by offering money. According to some sources he offered 1 lakh rupees to the Victim.

An audio tape was also released by Barnala youth circle wing in which, Rajwant Singh Ghulli, a ticket aspirant from Dhuri was heard persuading the woman not to press rape charges against Chauhan.

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