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AAP To Launch Separate Manifestos For Punjab, Goa and Gujarat

AAP To Launch Separate Manifestos For Punjab, Goa and Gujarat

AAP is getting ready to get maximum votes in Punjab, Goa and Gujarat by raising up Dalit issues. Party is going to launch separate manifestos that aim Dalit community for these states.

The party may begin the process from Punjab. Punjab has about 35 per cent vote share of Dalits and other backward castes. AAP has already started Dalit dialogue across Punjab. It aims to identify the issues of the community that will be included in the manifesto which is expected to be ready by second week of September.

As per AAP sources, in Punjab Dalits need special focus. They have been supressed for long and are economically and socially backward. Previous governments have only added to their further decline. In order to address these issues, AAP is speaking to people from the Dalit community.

“Where we go, we will raise the issue of Dalits be it in Punjab or Gujarat. They are being subjected to brutal violence and such cases are only rising under PM Modi and in BJP ruled states. BJP is anti-Dalit and it reflects in the way their leaders speak and act against the community. In Punjab Badals have also adopted oppressive measures and we will fight against them,” said Senior AAP leader and Punjab in-charge Sanjay Singh

Singh added that the party will do politics in order to save the Dalits from their bullies.

Arvind Kejriwal announced to form Special Investigation Team to deal the cases of violence and other illegal activities against the Dalit community if AAP wins. The manifesto is supposed to highlight cases of violence, employment opportunities for the community, housing facility etc.

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Manoj Tiwari Party MP of BJP from Delhi accused Arvind Kejriwal of “playing divisive politics.”

“AAP will work in a way that will divide the society.  One of its MLA was caught burning pages of Holy Quran & another one disrespect women. They want to destroy the peace of nation,” said Tiwari.

AAP has already launched a youth manifesto in Punjab and will be soon launching a manifesto in Goa. The party is working on separate manifestos for farmers, traders and others in Punjab. Same manifesto pattern will be duplicated in Goa and Gujarat.

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