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Congress Collected Rs 1 Crore From The Ticket Applicants

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Congress collected around Rs 1 crore as deposit from ticket applicants for the upcoming 2017 Assembly elections. Over 1,500 have claimed party nominations from 117 constituencies.

As per the Sources, around 1,000 aspirants asked for tickets in the general category and around 600 applicants were from scheduled castes.

Congress got a deposit of Rs 10,000 each from general category applicants and Rs 5,000 each from Scheduled Castes (SCs) applicants. Party has attracted more applications this elections as compared to the 2012 Assembly elections when 1,450 applicants had applied.

Party got Rs 1 crore from general category and about Rs 30 lakh from SC contenders. Congress said that the party will refund money to those who will not get the tickets . Party will keep the deposit of only 117 candidates.

Congress is looking for resources to keep the show going. Amarinder Singh said that party’s funds were empty not only in Punjab but also at the national level.

A party leader, however, said Rs 1 crore was a “meagre amount” as every seat was going to cost the party and the candidate much more. He said a large rally requires between Rs 50 lakh and Rs 1 crore to mobilise masses and transport them. He said nobody was expecting the party to refund the application fee. “We all know what will happen when the party is in dire need of money,” he said.

Congress has not only been able to take care of its funds for now but also it has send a message to AAP that party has not only attracted nearly 1,600 applicants . But applicant numbers were more this time than 2012.

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AAP has fielded 500 applicants from 26 seats. With the increasing number of ticket applicants, it is being considered as a parameter for popularity for Congress.

August 15 was the last date of submission of application forms. The number of applicants can go up as the party has extended the last date for a few who could not complete the formalities.

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