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Congress unlikely to announce the names of their Candidates anytime soon


The Congress party in Punjab has delayed the announcement of the names of their candidates amidst internal protests and rebellions. The party has decided to play the waiting game till all the other parties declare their candidates for the upcoming Punjab Assembly elections in 2017. Even though the party was supposed to announce the names for all 177 seats in October but it doesn’t seem to happen anytime soon.

It is a well thought of plan by the Congress senior vice-president Lal Singh, he said that they have already shortlisted the favorites but would like to wait for other parties to declare their candidates first so that we can strategically place strong candidates in each constituency. He also said that the party may announce the names by November-end. He did not specify any date though.

Lal Singh said that the Aam Admi Party has officially announced the names of most of their candidates; Even the Akalis have a clear plan as to whom their candidates will be but we would like to wait till the official word comes up. Only after all the other parties officially announce the names of the candidates, The Congress will reveal the list of theirs.

Initially, the Congress had decided to finalize the list of their Candidates at most by October so that they have ample time to make political advancements in each of the constituencies but they were taken aback by the response that AAP was getting in Punjab.

Recently the Aam Aadmi Party released the names of 32 candidates which encountered fierce protests from within the party. The protests resulted in the ousting of AAP convener Sucha Singh Chhotepur from the party. Sucha Singh along with a few more rebels launched a new party that will also contest in the forthcoming elections. Sucha Singh named the party as Aapna Punjab Paty or APP. He is also open to the idea of forming and alliance with PPA (Progressive Punjab Alliance). PPA is also a new party that consists mostly of rebels and ousted members from all the other parties.

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Chhotepur said that he is open and willing to form an alliance with any party that is interested in working for the betterment of Punjab. He is determined to contest all the 117 seats in Punjab with the help of deserved people who were denied tickets from their respective parties. He also claimed his alliance to be the final destination for all the deserving members who could not contest the elections from any other party.

The Congress party has given strict instructions to ticket-seekers not to rebel against the party in case they do not make the final cut. The party lost the 2012 elections because of the rebels who were denied tickets from their respective constituencies. The rejected candidates ran for the elections anyway which eventually resulted in dividing party votes.


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