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Fourth Front ready to contest upcoming Punjab elections under Dharamvir Gandhi

With Sidhu failing to form the fourth front for the upcoming Punjab elections, Dharamvir Gandhi has stepped up to the task. The Aam Aadmi Party rebel along with a few other like minded people had announced the formation of the fourth front whose official name is yet to be decided. The announcement was made by Mr. Gandhi at a ‘Round Table Conference’ in Chandigarh on Sunday’. Dharamvir Gandhi managed to get the support of various independent as well rebel MLAs from other parties in the state of Punjab.

Interestingly, the meeting held on Sunday was also attended by Pargat Singh, a close aide to Navjot Sidhu. However, Pargat Singh did clarify that he came on his own personal capacity and not as a member of the Awaaz-e-Punjab.

During the press conference, Mr. Gandhi stated that members from almost all the nation and regional parties offered their support in the formation of the fourth front. Gandhi said that they had the backing up of the representatives from Apna Party Group, Democratic Swaraj Party, Amritsar Voluntary Group, Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Party and lots of other regional groups for the formation of the fourth front. The front would focus burning issues like education, corruption, drug mafia, land mafia, health, law and order and unemployment for the forthcoming elections in Punjab.

Even though Chhotepur was not present in the ‘Round Table Conference’, Dharamvir Gandhi assured that he too was in full support of forming the political front. The conference was attended by Hardeep Singh Kingra on behalf of Chhotepur. Gandhi also stated that Sidhu’s stand on joining the fourth front is still not clear. He was given an invitation but he chose not to come.

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He further added that all the members of the of the fourth front are really keen on making it a strong regional outfit in order to be able to compete with national parties and other stronger regional forces. Mr. Gandhi further added that Chhotepur’s new political party that he will form in the near future will also be a part of the fourth front for the forthcoming elections.

The fourth front will be established on 3 major principles that includes; first, to create a genuinely democratic federal India; second, to democratize Punjab and third, to democratize Punjabi society and eradicate all evils therein. Dharamvir Gandhi elaborated by saying that there is no place for the corrupted and criminals in politics and want to create awareness by changing the patriarchal mindset of the people of Punjab and rest of India.

Punjab had been looted by SAD, BJP and Congress nexus through decades of corruption and ill-intentions, Said Gandhi in his press conference. He also targeted AAP by alleging them to be giving fake promises to the people of Punjab for their own benefits. Through this podium, he also urged the members of the fourth front in making it a strong regional force that only works for the betterment of Punjab and Punjabiyat.

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