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Rahul Gandhi to Meet Congress Leaders Ahead of the Poll

Rahul Gandhi to Meet Congress Leaders Ahead of the Poll

For the polls of Punjab, Congress ‘will brain storm over the game plan’ in Punjab after Uttar Pradesh. On March 12 in a meeting which is called by Rahul Gandhi, Vice President ; Prashant Kishor, political strategist will also be present in the meeting.

In Punjab, for past 10 years, Congress has not been in power and Mr. Gandhi wants “bad patch” to end as per the sources from the party.

Congress is very ready to face a new challenge in Punjab, apart from Bhartiya Janta Party and Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) combined together.

After the 2 successive losses, a winning strategy is to be devised with the leaders in Punjab in a meeting where ‘a threadbare discussion’ will be there .All India Congress Committee then blamed on the “overconfidence” of the state leadership for the loss.

According to the sources of Congress in order to “help and assist” Mr Kishor has been brought from the units of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh by All India Congress Committee in order to design the strategy for upcoming polls of next year.

In the general elections, for the victory of Bhartiya Janta Party key role was played by .Kishor and for assembly polls in Bihar JD(U)-RJD-Congress alliance, which was later turned into a ‘prestige fight’ by Modi and shah, Bhartiya Janta Party President.

Meeting had taken place when Congress leaders increasingly got cautious about aggressive campaign plans of Arvind Kejriwal AAP’s leader and strategy of his to target voters by ‘a vast army of volunteers’. In the Bihar polls, Kishor had effectively used his group of volunteers.

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There is talk in the town that Preliminary surveys have already been conducted, after consecutive disappointing losses, Congress will come prepared with inputs on what is to be done in order to win the state.

After a series of meeting that was held by Rahul Gandhi with the leaders of the state in order to persuade them with “ a united face of the faction-ridden state unit”, it was declared that Amarinder Singh, Chief Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee “as the party’s face in the polls”.

In the state, Amarinder Singh, a former Chief Minister, is considered as one of the most daunting chief minister.

Despite declaring Amarinder Singh as the chief ministerial candidate in the middle of the campaign, Congress lost the last assembly elections.

State after state Congress has been losing due to the disaster in the last Lok Sabha elections.

Kishor was also present in a meeting which was held by Rahul Gandhi with Uttar Pradesh Congress leaders.


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