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DMK lost to AIADMK by a narrow margin: Karunanidhi

DMK lost to AIADMK by a narrow margin

Karunanidhi,  DMK chief said that AIADMK has retained power in Tamil Nadu by only 1.1 vote percentage and his party missed a clear victory by a narrow margin. He also added that DMK will work as “constructive opposition”.

The party in power now had got 4,41,646 votes more than DMK and said the “opportunity to govern was missed narrowly”.

“While AIADMK and allies polled 1,76,17,060 votes, DMK and its allies got 1,71,75,374. That is, AIADMK has got the opportunity to form government by a margin of 1.1 per cent and it is the truth,” Karunanidhi said in a statement.

Citing electoral statistics, including vote share and contested vote share of his party and AIADMK, he said “there was only a very small gap in touching pinnacle of victory.

Referring report published in English daily, which stated that in the share of vote DMK was ahead of AIADMK.

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He added that in 172 constituencies where there was a direct fight between AIADMK and DMK, in 89 seats, DMK won and AIADMK won 83 seats.

Out of the total 60 seats, AIADMK won 51 seats that are contested by the allies of DMK which includes the Congress and IUML.

He said that he is saying all this to show that people came in front in order to support DMK and not for blaming the allies.

He added and said that his party would function as a strong opposition given the huge numbers in Tamil Nadu Assembly history.

“DMK has got the opportunity to function as a robust opposition with a never before seen strength in the history of Tamil Nadu,” he said.

DMK-led alliance together had won 98 seats, which is followed by 8 seats of ally Congress and 1 of IUML.

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