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‘Ache din’ slogan only vindicated for top industrialists : Rahul Gandhi

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In a series of attacks against the Prime Minister Modi, Rahul Gandhi alleged on Saturday that “Suit boot ki sarkar” and PM Modi is only working for the betterment of top brass industrialists and business tycoons who supported him during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

The INC Vice President also criticized Modi for waiving off 1.10 Lakh crore of 15 top industrialists who allegedly supported him during the elections while there were no such concessions for the farmers of the country. He Further added that Narender Modi is the Prime Minister of the entire country and not just of a few industrialists, So he should act like one.

During the Kisan Yatra, Rahul Gandhi urged PM Modi to waive off pending loans of farmers as well. He also demanded 50 percent concession in power tariffs for the farmers. He then went on to say that Narender Modi has not fulfilled his promise of transferring Rs. 15 lakh to each and everyone’s account neither did he fulfilled the promise of providing 2 crore jobs per annum to the youth of the country.

The Congress was always pro-farmers and waived off Rs. 70,000 worth of loans of farmers during their regime in the center, he added in his statement.

Putting a halt to the employment scheme MGNREGA of the UPA has really affected the market in the wrong way. Not waiving the loans of the Farmer has added to this situation and has brought the market to standstill position, Rahul claimed.

During the UPA1 and UPA 2, Crude oil rates were somewhere around 140 dollars per barrel which is now priced at a mere 40 dollar per barrel. Despite such such hefty decrease in the prices of crude oil, India has only seen a marginal decrease in the fuel prices. The profit that the government is minting should be used for several people oriented welfare schemes and programs.

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Taking about the three armed forces, Rahul Gandhi wants Narender Modi to reconsider the current payment slabs of all three wings as all of them have rejected the offer of 7th Pay commission.

Not only armed forces but paramilitary forces are also entitled to higher pay, he insisted. According to Rahul Gandhi, the BJP and RSS are more interested in the cast politics and divide wages on the basis of cast and creed unlike Congress that only worked towards uniting the nation as one.

Taking a dig at the BJP and RSS he further stated that each and every individual is equally capable and no one should categorize them on the basis of their cast, creed, color or nationality.

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