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Arun Jaitley Hits Back On Rahul Gandhi’s Claims On Price Rise In Lok Sabha

Arun Jaitley Hits Back On Rahul Gandhi's Claims On Price Rise In Lok Sabha

Congress and BJP were face to face in Lok Sabha.The issue of price rise was discussed in Lok Sabha.

Congress Rahul Gandhi demanding that Prime Minister Narendra Modi declare “a date when we can expect to see the price of dal (pulses) come down” and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley terming the attack “bluster” not borne out by statistics.

Rahul Gandhi attacked on Modi ‘s government and said that the government had made false promises to control prices.

“You give us a date by when the prices of dal will come down,” he said.

Punning on the popular slogan during the Lok Sabha elections, ‘Har, Har Modi’ Mr. Gandhi said the situation was such that the slogan was now being turned to ‘Arhar (pigeon pea) Modi’.

“This [inflation and price rise] is a topic of statistics and not sloganeering. The UPA had left the government in a serious state,” he said.

Arun Jaitley responded to Rahul Gandhi’s claim that Modi’s government was not passing on the benefits of low fuel prices to the consumer. Instead the government had increased the price of the fuel to at least nine times in the last two years.

“The benefits of low international fuel prices are being passed on to the consumer — one, by the low price of fuel, secondly by making sure that the losses sustained by oil marketing firms can be made up levies on fuel and thirdly, by using the levies of fuel for capital investment,” the Minister said in the Lok Sabha, responding to a scathing attack by Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on the rising prices of pulses.

He added that Rahul Gandhi said about how in 2009 UPA waived off farmers loans of Rs 70,000 crores. Modi’s government is using the money to spend three times on rural roads, crop insurance and other means. It will have a more long term beneficial effect on rural part of the country.

“You are talking about a government which left behind double digit inflation and today we have a situation where steps have been taken in each sector to contain inflation. Any form of bluster is not a substitute for statistics. These are backed by hard facts,” the Minister said.

Mr. Jaitley mocked the Congress vice president, the great grandson, grandson and son of former prime ministers of India, over his reeling out the price of staples in the Parliament. “Any form of bluster is not substitute of statistics,” he said, and referred to how “everyone seems to be giving the impression that they go to the market everyday.”

He added that government had reduced price rise and kept it under control. He further added that he is expecting, inflation will reduce further with a good monsoon.

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