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Dayashankar’s Remark On Mayawati Will Be Fatal for BJP In 2017 UP Elections

Dayashankar's Remark On Mayawati Will Be Fatal for BJP In 2017 UP Elections

Dayashankar Singh, BJP Uttar Pradesh Vice President, has caused irreversible damage to his BJP vote prospects and has strengthened Mayawati’s position of her BSP in Uttar Pradesh, ahead of the very important UP Assembly elections that are due next year.

As per the reports, Mayawati was getting “marginalized” in U.P, as Dalits and OBCs sections were seen drifting towards the Hindutva fold. BJP leadership was quite eager with the addition of support from these “marginalised social groups”, which normally were connected with BSP.

But Dayashankar Singh’s utterances – that equated Mayawati to a sex-worker, who sells MLA tickets to the highest bidder – have clearly squandered away the BJP’s gains.

Dayashankar Singh is originally from Bihar, but his family is associated with Ballia district, led him to find a place in the BJP’s state unit. As per his close associates, in the past he had been involved in several recruitment. He was very close with the top leadership.

“He would not have got the post, had he not been close to the top leadership,” said a BJP office-bearer, who rues the fact that senior leaders ignored objections from the ground level, when Dayashankar Singh was given charge of leading the state Yuva morcha. “He managed to get close to Amit Shah as well, through various sources,” he pointed out.

Dayashankar Singh entered into BJP, on account of his closeness to top leaders. BJP, where party workers had to pass through several levels , “the practice of scrutiny is now given a go by”.

BJP’s task most difficult is the attempt of the party to “appeal to caste sensibilities.” BJP has never been known for doing this before. That’s why , Amit Shah, BJP president has been attending “caste rallies” all across the state, winning over groups of caste and by protruding certain leaders without even caring much about their credentials.

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For example, BJP is desperate to get the support of Brahmins and does not hesitate to involve people with “criminal antecedents.”

Leaders like Uma Shankar Singh get promoted without going through the organisational level, because of the following reason. They are considered as the representatives of caste groups, without understanding the fact that the UP caste complexity cannot be simplified.

As per the indications, Amit Shah and party have been doing the “mobilisation of castes” in the same manner like Bihar.

Mayawati’s cleverness was evident, in the manner in which she attacked on BJP in her speech at the Rajya Sabha.

Party had unanimously criticised remark of Dayashankar Singh, and Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister expressed his regret to Mayawati, she used this to put across a strong message to her constituency – Dalits.

She did not hesitate for a moment to project BJP as upper castes which opposes the rise of Dalits.

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