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Modi’s Election Campaign In UP Is Focused On Ayodhya’s Development Not On Temple Issue : PMO

Modi's Election Campaign In UP Is Focused On Ayodhya's Development Not On Temple Issue : PMO

For the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections, parties have started combining their strategies, a major challenge for Narendra Modi, could lie in compressing “down the talk with BJP hardliners and its affiliates over Ayodhya.”

In 1992, a 16th century mosque, Babri Masjid, was destroyed by thousands of volunteers for BJP and demanded construction of a Lord Ram temple, who was Ayodhya born.

Prime Minister’s Office has said that it wants issue of the temple to be completely out of elections; Uttar Pradesh election campaign’s is to focus instead on his development commitment.

On Ayodhya’s recent visit, Keshav Prasad Maurya, BJP’s state chief in Uttar Pradesh words sometimes disturbed with his actions. He looked tensed, but he smiled at the reporters and described “BJP’s electoral strategy: emphasize development, expose corruption.”  

Asked about demands to build the Hindu temple, he said the courts should decide. “We respect every institution of democracy,” Mr Maurya said.

Men who celebrated collaspe of the mosque and are very restless to build a temple in that place, Maurya had spent much of the day with them.

In Ayodhya Maurya’s white sports utility vehicles had pulled so that he can celebrate Nritya Gopal Das’s birthday, influential monk, leading the Ayodhya temple campaign.

“I think Modi wants to win the UP (Uttar Pradesh) election by whatever means,” said Ramachandra Guha, a historian who has written about the significance of the temple in Ayodhya as a galvanizing issue for the various factions of the Hindu right, including the BJP.

According to the Critics, concerns like clamping down further on cow slaughter are signals, for the Hindu majority that this country is for them, not for minorities like Muslims and Christians.

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