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Owaisi Begins UP Campaign with Deep Energy

Owaisi Begins UP Campaign with Deep Energy

In 3, assembly constituencies of U.P. for the by-elections the campaigns to be held and it indicates that “that communal polarization will be a favorite political tool of parties in the run-up to crucial state elections now a year away.”

“And UP has a new gladiator – Asaduddin Owaisi of the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Musalmeen (AIMIM)”

Pradeep Kori, a Dalit candidate from Mr Owaisi’s party in Bikaspur has been supported by Mr Owaisi ,campaigned 2 times and repeatedly the Muzaffarnagar riots of 2014 has been talked out in order to bring on more votes from the voters.

For national elections of 2014, “ AIMIM plans to cash in on the rise of the BJP” which has been blamed by the opposition in “polarizing” votes of Hindus out of 80 seats in order to win 71 votes.

This has created among the state’s 18 percent of the voters that are Muslim, a very strong anti-Bhartiya Janta Party “sentiment” and looking for a chance to get their support, SAP is counting very highly on them for their votes.

“Muslims voted for the SP in 2012. What did they get. We are raising the atrocities that Muslim have had to face in Western UP, while the SP government did little to protect those who had voted for it,” Mr Kori said to NDTV.

With Mayawati’s BSP, which never contests by-polls, not in contention,”Owaisi’s party with the help of Kori is hoping to gain more votes as he also belongs to one of the poorest communities of the state.

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Yadavs and other backward castes have been “mobilized” by the endangered SP and expecting that in order to ensure a defeat for Bhartiya Janta Party,the voters from the minority will choose them.

Dharmendra Yadav, SP lawmaker and Mulayam Yadav’s nephew, has called the AIMIM the “B Team” of the BJP.

“Muslims in UP know why the AIMIM is here. They made a mistake in 2014 but now they will not help a party which is out to assist the BJP,” he said.

In Muzaffarnagar, campaign of Bhartiya Janta Party has been very active with leaders talking about the constituencies in Jat pride by the caste they are dominated, the party has run a low profile campaign in Bikapur which is 620 km away.

From Ayodhya, Bikapur is 15 km away but for party’s campaign about Ram Temple nothing has been mentioned.However it is mentioned that for the assembly elections, a high-pitch campaign has been designed sources from JP’s ideological mentor, the RSS and its affiliate the VHP said.


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