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PM Modi speaks as ‘2 Minutes As Varanasi MP’ in BJP Meet

PM Modi speaks as '2 Minutes As Varanasi MP' in BJP Meet

Narendra Modi said that,“just for 2 minutes” he will be speaking as the law maker of Bhartiya Janta Party in Varanasi Uttar Pradesh and asked very direct questions from his fellow MPs .

“How many of the party’s 71 Lok Sabha MPs from UP, of whom he is one, had a list of villages in their constituencies where electricity has reached under his government’s Deendayal Jyotigram scheme,” PM Modi asked.
Not even a single hand was raised by a single person.

He further added that last year Prime Minister Office launched a mobile app that provides information on the initiatives and government’s achievements, apart from everyday updates from the Prime Minister; he asked that how many on their phones even bothered to download the app.

There were no hands raised once again.

For Uttar Pradesh next year in a meeting Narendra Modi, he was discussing about the preparation for upcoming polls . Policies of the Centre are not reaching the common man were among the worries and problems discussed.

Rajnath Singh, Home Minister and Amit Shah, party chief said that not much time is left for the elections and the main focus is Uttar Pradesh “right away”.They also added that a strong strategy of social media will be Bhartiya Janta Party’s “cornerstone” of Uttar Pradesh’s Campaign.

For Bhartiya Janta Party, Uttar Pradesh is a “must-win” election. In Delhi and Bihar, BJP had suffered 2 big defeats. This year, at least 4 of the 5 states, it is not seen among the front runners where the elections will be held.Bhartiya Janta Party is hoping to translate the national elections of 2014 into a win this year.

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In Bihar, after the defeat Bhartiya Janta Party had changed its strategy shift where it says that BJP’s government is both for rich and corporates. Its main priority is welfare of farmer’s rural poor and the underprivileged which is reflected in the Union Budget.

For the launch of “a 10-day farmer outreach“which is launched by the Bhartiya Janta Party , Modi will be in Uttar Pradesh in order to highlight the Budget which is for the farmers.


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