Uttar Pradesh Elections

Political Parties Gearing Up For The UP elections 2017

Political Parties Gearing Up For The UP Elections 2017

For the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections in 2017, a team of senior party workers and leaders have been prepared by political parties, that will visit every constituency and prepare a detailed report in order to design the electoral strategy.

Since party leaders are not sure of the actual support on the ground level.


In Agra, Samajwadi Party MLCs team is currently analyzing party’s popularity in the region.

SP team had held a meeting with the local party leaders and learnt about the issues which could possibly act as hindrance in re-electing Akhilesh Yadav as the Chief Minister.

Building Akhilesh, the brand  

SP team is not satisfied with what it analyzed in Agra, that can lead to a strong and adverse report. This could destroy electoral plans of many SP locals.


Swami Prasad Maurya’s leaving BSP has hit the party badly and its leader Mayawati extremely worried of the other party leaders.

Mayawati Dalit nahi, daulat ki beti hai: BSP’s SP Maurya quits party alleging corruption

A ‘secret police’ within BSP is being called for each assembly seat, to take out the possible deserters before they can damage BSP’s winning prospects in 2017.

In each division, in the secret force, 100 dedicated party workers are being chosen and are being sent to separate divisions . This is done in order to prevent any type of corruption.

As per the Sources,Mayawati is already receiving feedback on the same.


BJP is getting a negative feedback from businessmen who do not appreciate, the way Modi government has failed to suppress inflation and preparing to bring back the ‘inspector raaj’ through anti-corruption measures.

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BJP is now showing the Hindutva card and can present Yogi Adityanath, Gorakhpur MP as a the chief ministerial candidate.


Congress team of Gulam Nabi Azad, Raj Babbar and Sheila Dikshit is hoping of getting a positive response from the voters, especially from the division of Agra as both Sheila Dikshit and Raj Babbar have been closely associated with Agra.

Still, it is to be seen whether Agra familiarity would win votes for the party and has in decades has not seen a MLA from Congress MLA .

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