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Populist Budget Presented in U.P by Akhilesh Yadav

Populist Budget Presented in U.P by Akhilesh Yadav.

Rs.3,46,935-crore budget for 2016-17,was presented by Mr. Yadav ,keeping an eye on the upcoming 2017 Assembly elections “reeling off a string of populist measures”.

An increase of 14.6 per cent in the budget, since last year allocation.

Rs. 13,842 crore sum has been reserved for the new schemes, that involves education, health and agriculture.

“Balanced and development oriented” the budget was described like this. Through earlier budget and various welfare schemes as per Akhilesh Yadav, SP government has been very successful in fulfilling the promises it made.

However, the Opposition termed the budget as “disappointing, anti-farmer and anti-people”.

A total budget estimates of the expenditure 3,46,934.8 crore and 3,40,120.6 crore of receipts. Rs. 49,960.9 has been estimated as the fiscal deficit. Rs 49,960.9 crore of fiscal deficit have been estimated which is 4.04 per cent of the state’s Gross Domestic Product.

For the scheme of ‘Uday‘ for power companies, Rs. 13,303 crore have been issued under the financial reorganization.

“Excluding this, the fiscal deficit is pegged at Rs. 36,657.9 crore, which is 2.97 per cent of the state GDP.”

Agricuture,Education and Health are the primary sector of focus. Rs 3,46,935 crore have been accounted to the farmers for the budget 2016-2017 as it made provisions that are specially for the farm sector.

For the welfare of the minorities, in order to promote education Rs 2000 crore has been announced. For merit students,Rs 100 crore has been promised for the supply of free laptops. By October, in rural areas 16 hours of everyday electricity have been promised.

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Agriculture: Rs 5,289 crore
• Payment of cane arrears to farmers: Rs 1,336 crore.
• Samajwadi Kisan evam Sarvahit Insurance Scheme: Rs 897 crore.
• Farmer accident insurance scheme: Rs 240 crore.
• Aam Aadmi Insurance Scheme: Rs 50 crore.
• Relief works under the state disaster fund (proposed): Rs 709 crore
• To offset losses in 50 drought-hit districts: Rs 2,057 crore.

Minorities :Rs 2,000 crore
Minorties account of 16-18 percent of the total population,
• Scholarships for pre-10th standard students: Rs 537 crore.
• Scholarships for post-10th standard students: Rs 153 crore.
• Fees disbursement: Rs 150 crore.
• Modern education in recognised madarsas and maqtabs: Rs 394 crore.
• Laptops for merit students: Rs 100 crore.


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