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Rahul Gandhi May Question PM Modi On Inflation Issues In Lok Sabha

Rahul Gandhi May Question PM Modi On Inflation Issues In Lok Sabha

During a serious debate in parliament, Rahul Gandhi was seen with his eyes closed. He was photographed hugging a woman involved in various criminal cases in Gujarat. Rahul Gandhi is supposed to speak in Lok Sabha about the increase in prices, especially on pulses.

In parliament Rahul rarerly gets involved in debates. Last year, he went abroad on a mystery trip and missed an important session. In this session, Congress attacked the government over a policy to acquire land from farmers for industry. The scheme was finally suspended. In 2014 and this year also Rahul Gandhi was caught sleeping in the Parliament.

Pulses are important part of India’s inflation. By nearly 20 percent, prices of lentils have risen in every month for the last year. As per the reports, government has raised imports and placed buffer stock on the market to help the consumers. However, main problem is that India produces a very small amount of pulses as compared to other countries
Despite big defeats in Kerala and Assam elections. Congress has been talking about Rahul Gandhi to take over the party.

Recently, Mr Gandhi has exhibited punchier riposte than he was known for, encouraging his party to claim that he is a more confident and intuitive politician than before. He coined the term “suit-boot government”, referencing a heavily-monogrammed suit that Prime Minister Narendra Modi in famously wore for a meeting with President Obama  for alleged complicity in crony capitalism.

Gandhi commented on Modi and called his government as “suit-boot government”. He accused BJP of favouring rich industrialists over the nation’s poor. He also commented on a scheme of BJP as “Fair and Lovely”. The scheme was about to disclose hidden wealth. Comparing skin-lightening cream with the policy, he said the policy made fake promises to turn black money into white.

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