Uttar Pradesh Culture

U.P. has a very rich history and has contributed to varied culture of the country. U.P. has been under the rule of various emperors and dynasties, each one of them, from Mughals to Nawabs, have contributed in consolidating the cultural traditions of the state. U.P. has a distinct song culture that includes various folk, classical, semi-folk and semi-classical genres.

Ghazal and Qauwwali are most famous .The modern version of both these art forms were originated in U.P. Birha, Kajari and Chaiti are equally popular . The former is based on mood and the later ones are season based. Rasia, Khayal, Tappa and Thumari are also very popular. U.P. has produced some of the masters of music genres. 

Kathak is the state dance of Uttar Pradesh. This dance form have originated from the courts of Royals and is a very old form of dance.Ras-lila, dance form is also very popular and is restricted to Braj area, owes its existence to Lord Krishna. Poetry also forms an important part of the state . Poetry is done in Hindi, Urdu and Awadhi.

U.P. has produced many laureates of this craft. Uttar Pradesh has a good a range of cuisines to offer. It varies from Galawati and Kakori kababs in Oudh to Rampuri Fish and Tahri in Western Uttar Pradesh.

Several sweet dishes like Petha and Peda from Agra and Mathura are well known . UP has quite a lot to offer in every area when it comes to culture.

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